cut your waste, feel good

cut your waste, feel good

OUR mission and target

Throughout the month, we’re on a mission to put a stop to our wasteful habits. We can all help with this. Little things like putting your waste into the correct bin and rinsing plastic containers before throwing them away all ensure more of our waste is properly recycled. 

We’ve set an 80% recycling target, which is entirely achievable when you consider our AS average recycling rate of 76% across the portfolio in the year to April 2024. We generate a total of 2856 tonnes of waste, so it’s in everyone’s interest, especially the planet’s, if we can recycle more.


Our new waste partners Veolia know a thing or two about this. They’re actively trying to cut carbon emissions and pollution while regenerating resources through cutting edge technology and by working closely with customers. Their aim is to create a cleaner, healthier planet. 

"We are delighted to welcome Veolia as our new waste management partner. We are working to reduce our impact on the environment by reducing the volume of waste produce, and where it is produced, recycling as much as possible. We can't wait to see how Veolia help us deliver on our targets" Andy Watts, Head of Facilities Management

Veolia has a goal; ecological transformation and resourcing the world for future generations. A noble ambition, and one we can all work towards.

Have you ever wondered what happens to your waste when it leaves the building? Get the lowdown from Veolia below...

Workshop and Events

We’re holding sustainability awareness sessions with our new waste partners, Veolia, throughout the month, who will be showing us how to recycle more and reduce waste with their pop-ups at multiple Workspace locations.

We’ll also be running Workspace Events featuring low-and-zero-waste partners Wild Fawn for our Pearl Jewellery Workshops and Crafting Clay sessions with The Firing Station.

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Pottery Workshop - The Chocolate Factory

our sustainable customers

Improving Sustainability in Workspace Cafés

Workspace manage 10 on-site cafés, allowing us to pursue our ambitious social and environmental goals. Partnering with Huskee, we offer their reusable coffe cups made from repurposed coffee grounds across our cafés. This has saved a whopping 3,715 single-use cups being purchased in the last year alone.

Our cafés also trial ethical suppliers like Galeta for pastries and Origin Coffee (Bcorp) for coffee beans. To combat food waste, we’ve teamed up with TooGoodtoGo and other food charities, diverting 2,150 meals from waste in 2023/24.

“Our cafés showcase Workspace’s commitment to sustainability. We strive to improve each year and have some exciting things in the works. This year we are aiming to significantly reduce disposable coffee cups and reduce food waste by making our own fresh food.” Giandonato Rosa, Hospitality Manager

The Frames, 1 Phipp Street, London, Gallery Cafe 2

Did you know? 

Workspace is already proactive in reducing its carbon footprint. Did you know that Cocoa Studios at The Biscuit Factory in Bermondsey is heated by Workspace's general waste through energy recovery? 

The heat comes into the building through the district heat network, which connects South East London Combined Heat and Power, located only a mile away from The Biscuit Factory. The energy recovery facility, which collects waste and converts it to energy, has a host of benefits, including a community fund, which supports local projects. You can check London's heat district network here.

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