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What is WiredScore and why is it important?

What is WiredScore and why is it important?

Exceptional reliability and speed is essential for London’s internet connectivity to help underpin the growth of the capital’s New and Growing Companies. Commercial properties across London must offer first-rate technology infrastructure to enable ambitious start-ups and growing established businesses to stay ahead of the competition.

At Workspace, we are proud to own one of only 22 commercial spaces in London to have achieved the Wired Certified Platinum rating for connectivity from WiredScore – alongside notable buildings such as The Shard and Broadcast House.

The Metal Box Factory in the heart of south-east London offers world-class, secure and reliable connectivity that meets the needs of our customers’ needs now and in the coming years.

Our managed services solutions give customers a managed fibre network, owned and delivered by Excell Group, offering business grade fibre connectivity to every Workspace customer based in the Metal Box Factory.

Metal Box FactoryOne of only 22 commercial properties in London to achieve a Platinum WiredScore rating


As a genuine trust mark for digital connectivity, Metal Box Factory’s Platinum WiredScore rating has already attracted some of the city’s most digitally disruptive business, notably Mozilla, the developer of the Firefox web browser.

Rob Middleton, director, worldwide workplace resources, Mozilla, said: “We are really pleased with our exciting new office in Metal Box Factory.

“In particular, the connectivity here is fantastic and it meets the very challenging connectivity demands that we have at Mozilla.”

We’re committed to providing fast-growing, digitally dependent businesses with the best possible connectivity that’s almost as fundamental to business growth as an office or studio space itself.

We’ve invested heavily in our state-of-the-art connectivity in the Metal Box Factory and are doing so across many of our other 65 business centres located across the capital.

Why is WiredScore important to businesses in London?

New and Growing Companies across London are increasingly acknowledging WiredScore as a symbol for high-quality broadband and impeccable overall connectivity.

In 2013, WiredScore was launched in partnership with the City of New York, evaluating and distinguishing outstanding internet connectivity in commercial properties. Since its work in the US, there are more than 400 properties in more than 30 American cities, totalling 185 million sq ft of office space, to have achieved WiredScore Certification by supplying superior telecoms services for its tenants.

The company’s connectivity accreditation scheme has since travelled across the Atlantic to the British Isles in a bid to shine a spotlight on the connectivity capabilities of buildings before businesses sign up to lease office space in London. The Wired Certification highlights buildings, such as Metal Box Factory, that have been independently assessed and certified to offer the very best internet infrastructure that many forward-thinking entrepreneurs and businesses need to thrive.

WiredScore certified commercial properties give New and Growing Companies genuine peace of mind that their telecoms capabilities are reliable, up-to-date and futureproof. The leading minds in the telecoms and property sectors worked with WiredScore to create a rigorous set of standards for applicants to adhere to.

The WiredScore certification rankings

  • Platinum
    Attributed to buildings and redevelopments that offer best in-class connectivity – including Metal Box Factory – and only 21 other buildings across London have currently achieved the WiredScore Platinum rating.
  • Gold
    Awarded in recognition of reliable and diverse internet connectivity within commercial buildings and prepared for connectivity needs of future tenants. The Gold standard is a benchmark we are striving to achieve for the majority of Workspace business centres in the coming years.
  • Silver
    Awarded to buildings that meet the connectivity needs of today’s commercial tenants.
  • Certified
    Awarded to commercial developments that meet the minimum WiredScore standards.

How WiredScore certification works for occupied commercial premises

  • Commercial property owners are required to complete a short initial WiredScore survey, to determine the breadth of telecoms services currently available to tenants. This initial survey is free and can be carried out with no obligations.
  • Following completion of the initial WiredScore survey, property owners receive immediate and private feedback on the building’s level of connectivity. The level is based on a range of factors ranging from the quality and speed of connections, the system and infrastructure in place to the ease of access and choice of features available to tenants.
  • In the event a building fails to meet WiredScore Certification standards, the organisation will offer the property owner a road-map and guidance to improve their building’s connectivity.

Location, Location, Technology

Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London, recently said: “London is already a world-class city and it deserves world-class connectivity and infrastructure to match.”

The Workspace mantra of ‘Location, Location, Technology’ aligns closely with the view of our capital’s Mayor, providing the right properties in the right locations, underpinned by the right services, to help businesses grow.

We’re embracing the connected world and will be providing complete transparency over the technological capabilities of all our 65 business centres across London.

The way London’s entrepreneurs are working is changing. Which is why we’re continuously investing in our fast and secure connected services through our preferred digital partner, Excell Group. With fibre optic broadband speeds of up to 120Mbps available to every user, our customers have the option of sharing the super-fast fibre network within their business centre or taking up a dedicated fibre connection via Excell Group.

Find your perfect Workspace
Home to London’s brightest businesses. 60 iconic properties throughout the capital, from Chiswick to Camden, Waterloo to Whitechapel.
Find your perfect Workspace
Home to London’s brightest businesses. 60 iconic properties throughout the capital, from Chiswick to Camden, Waterloo to Whitechapel.

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