It’s a widely known that the average person ranks fear of public speaking higher than the fear of death.

We’ve all been there before, nerves are rising, sweaty palms your stomach in knots and you just don’t want to do it.

In business it is essential that we get our point across, you may get the opportunity to pitch your business to a room full of people – people who might be able to help you move your business forward or perhaps invest!

So how do we over come this?.....

Sam Carrington is a rare breed having achieved success in the cut throat world of media sales over 10 years at ITV, Sam sought to scratch an itch he couldn’t scratch; namely to be a stand up comic. Four years into that journey and Sam is selling out flagship venues at the Edinburgh Festival and getting Four and Five star reviews form critics.

Sam will take your presentation skills to new levels by ‘Harnessing the power of comedy’, he will have you laughing, test your presentation skills stimulate your creativity and get you to tackle your personal fears.

He will cover:

  • The Art of public speaking and engaging your audience
  • How to prepare before that big pitching moment – visualisation, memory techniques, dealing with nerves
  • What to do during your presentation – reading the room, handling difficult questions, accepting errors
  • What to do after speaking to maximise your de brief

A Smirk Experience you won't forget!

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Mare Street Studios
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