The purpose of this event is to start a discussion around mental wellbeing in recruitment. The idea is to assess what more can be done, and abate the stigma attached to mental health in business. Anyone with experience, expertise or just an opinion on what more can be done is welcome to attend this informal and first stage round-table conversation.

In reality, the night will be focused on recruitment as an industry but anyone who’s interested is more than welcome. It will be very informal and more of a large discussion than anything else.

The organizer and one of the two presenters will be Westbourne Studios’ very own Tom Wish from Hunted, a business with unparalleled access to recruitment businesses across the world and over 8,000 recruitment consultants signed up to our platform.

Tom will be presenting with George from Sanctus, a business set up to promote mental wellbeing. There will also be someone from the Samaritans and Mind on the night, along with contributions from a few people in the audience.

Should anyone be interested or want to speak to Tom beforehand, please contact him at

Link to register:

Canalot Studios
Ladbroke Grove
Cargo Works