Workspace has partnered with Engineering Business Growth to bring you this half-day masterclass on taking your business to the next level.

About this Event

This business growth masterclass will help you to clarify what you want to achieve in the next 12 months, identify where you need to focus and improve in order to get there and guide you through developing an effective strategy to make it happen.

  • Clarify your purpose and vision for the business and ensure that any action taken serves your purpose and moves you towards your goals
  • Learn powerful strategic planning processes which are proven to achieve 20-100% growth year on year, and create an effective strategy for your primary current challenge areas
  • Learn 7 focal points required to navigate your road ahead, to remain focussed, effective and to raise your game so you can drive your business to the next level
  • Be inspired by your potential, build your belief that you CAN achieve what you want, and strengthen your resilience and motivation to go for it

Who should join?

  • ​Are you a Business Owner/Director of an established small business with 1-20 employees?
  • ​Do you want to improve, change and grow your business over the coming year?
  • ​Are you frustrated by a lack of time, focus, resources, or an inconsistent pipeline?
  • ​Do you sometimes struggle to “see the wood for the trees” in terms of the best way forward?
  • ​Do you know what you want to change but are not putting it into action in the business?
  • ​Do you need to dedicate more time to working “on” the business?

If so, this is as this masterclass will give you the essential tools and understanding you need to push past the day to day and move towards achieving your goals.

About Engineering Business Growth

We are all about helping the Business Owner to clarify strategy, build momentum, maintain sustained progress and engineer growth so you can achieve your business and personal goals.

We do this through 121 coaching & consultancy for businesses with 1-50 employees and through the 'Next Level Business Club' which is a group coaching programme that combines business, leadership and personal development and is specifically designed for Business Owners with 1-20 employees.

The 'Next LEVEL Business Club' is currently running online (with an additional offline option when appropriate) and has helped numerous business owners from various sectors to make significant and sustained progress in their business, typically achieving 20-100% growth year on year, helping them get their time back, and make their business work for them.