You have to have experience and, more importantly, a passion for the business you wish to enter.

Lord Alan Sugar


Remember when you were in love with your business? Remember when you felt you could take on the world and that nothing could knock your determination to succeed? Remember when you would spend 18 or 20 hours a day embracing your business and developing it with a passion? Does that seem like a millennia ago?

Passion drives us to do what we do, we move forward with Purpose, but without these, the business plan can seem empty, unfulfilling and more like a heavy burden shackled around our neck.
Join us for an interactive workshop to rekindle your Passion, find your 
Purpose and learn to develop your Plan.

Join us at our Salisbury House business centre for the first of a series of financial Strategic Mastery Sessions (SMS), in partnership with the team from Ask The Boss. Each SMS workshop will:

  • Challenge your existing thinking
  • Challenge your existing plans
  • Unlock strategies to transform