If you want to use social media for business effectively, you should understand why you are using it and what you want to achieve. In this free workshop, you'll learn about social media tools and find out which might be most relevant to you and your audience in this interactive session, led by the Business Solutions Centre at London South Bank University.


  • Work out your goals
  • Define your ideal customer group
  • Discover which social networks they are using
  • Plan what steps you'll take to reach your target audience

When: Wednesday 3rd October, 2018 at 12pm

Where: Kennington Business Park, 1 -3 Brixton Road, Kennington, SW9 6DE

The workshop will be followed by a 1-to-1 “speed consultancy” session, where the Business Solutions Advisors will provide you with personalised help and social media tips for your business.

Who We Are

The Business Solutions Centre is a free drop-in service for small businesses. The Centre is led by a group of trained student Advisors from LSBU’s School of Business who provide advice to businesses and entrepreneurs on topics such as business planning, small business accounting, tax and company formation, marketing and social media and more. The Centre has helped over 60 small businesses and entrepreneurs since its opening in April 2016, and has proven to be a valuable service for London’s small business community.

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