Workspace has collaborated with founder and head chiropractor of Optimal Spine & Sport Dimensions, Dr Mikael Porath Peterson to bring you this free 30-minute Posture Workshop. During this interactive workshop Dr Peterson will address the postural challenges in our lifestyles and offer advice on how to take better care of your spine and release the full potential of the body.

Why is posture so important?

Your posture is the window to your spine and your spine is the window to the functionality of your central nervous system. If your spine is not moving correctly or optimally aligned then this will interfere with your neurological symptoms, such as pain or pins and needles.

Dr Peterson’s aim is to educate you how to take better care of your spine and release the full potential of your body. Join the workshop to learn,

  • The implications of bad posture
  • Actively learn how to take better care of your spine and leave with tips on how to improve your posture immediately
  • Learn how to adapt when working from home and the challenges that using laptops and iPads may present

Spaces are limited, book your spot today!

Customer reviews

“Attended a talk regarding life style and posture. A true eye opener. Never realised how the small details do matter and Mikael explained to us in a simple and scientific way why our spines, posture and habits do have such an impact on our central nervous systems. Brilliant!” 
Dave Cuevas

“Great talk - very informative and light hearted. Thoroughly enjoyed learning about what and why we experience different back problems. Looking forward to my posture improving with the exercises and movements taught. Thank you!”
Ella Bowers

"Despite living with pain and deficiencies from old sports injuries and being certain I had less than optimal posture, it never occurred to me that there were simple practical solutions to address them, and that doing so could have such a positive and immediate effect on my quality of life. The lifestyle classes and their focus on how to look after your spine in a world of desks and screens has hopefully set the framework for my continued improvement. We all know bad habits make and break us, but you’ve got to know where to start.”
Tom Foster