This bright and insightful presentation includes content that covers employee physical and mental health, how to get an employee wellbeing scheme started (or how to kickstart an existing scheme), how to maintain momentum with any initiative, and why your scheme should have employee input from the outset. 

Join us in the communal space area at the Barley Mow Centre at 1pm, where Matthew Carlton from Shine Workplace Wellbeing will share insights and examples from companies that are successfully implementing employee wellbeing schemes and initiatives – and are achieving notable business gains. The examples can be applied to businesses of all sizes and attendees will return to their workplaces full of ideas around employee wellbeing.

To reserve a space or spaces for this 30 minute presenation, email

Feedback from a recent attendee from one of Shine Workplace Wellbeing's talks: 

Shine's whole attitude and approach is overwhelmingly helpful, and the ideas Matthew are sharing are, in my opinion, so valuable because they don't require a total upheaval - just a little more thought and care. 

Eleanor Ward, Content Marketing Specialist, Custom Writer UK


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