Workspace, in conjunction with the Portobello Business Centre, invites all west London businesses to a “Meet The Experts” event, at Westbourne Studios, Portobello. 

Part of the “RBKC Into Enterprise: two weeks, one mission” and following the success of last year’s “Meet The Experts” event, the PBC Team has gone bigger this time, organising a unique event with more experienced professionals offering business advice through a range of informative workshops during “Enterprise Week”.

What is this event and who is it for

Whatever your business status - prestart, start-up or existing you can expect to

  • Meet industry experts who are passionate about supporting both small and big business ideas 
  • Attend interesting, and relevant, talks and workshops

Why should you attend

  • Gain answers to your questions, enabling you to grow your business
  • Avoid costly mistakes and protect your brand identity
  • Brainstorm new ideas
  • Receive honest feedback and constructive advice
  • Learn new ways to improve your business visibility online
  • Have all your queries answered in one place, at one time

How it works

  1. Register your place here
  2. Pop in on the day, choose and book one or more slots with different experts (one 15-minute slot per expert only). Tip #1: You must prepare your questions in advance to receive the maximum benefit from this meeting. Tip #2: While you wait for your slot, you can attend an informal presentation/workshop
  3. A bell will ring and then your meeting will start. A second bell will ring and your meeting will end, enabling the next person to have their turn.

If you don't want to have a 15-minute slot with one of our experts you can just pop in and attend a talk/workshop on top of a storage container.

What kind of business advice will you receive

You can receive advice on the topics set out below. You must be prepared as you can only spend 15 minutes with each expert.

  • Marketing
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Finance/Accounting
  • Intellectual Property
  • Social Media
  • Branding
  • Trading Standards 
  • General Business Advice
  • Human Resources


This is a free event, but spaces are limited. 

Clerkenwell Workshops
Metal Box Factory
Cargo Works
Ink Rooms
Vox Studios