The 2018 Budget is due to be announced by Philip Hammond on Monday the 6th of November. 

SSP’s Chief Accountant – David Mooney  – will be providing his appraisal on the Chancellor’s speech. In particular, he will be focusing upon aspects of the Budget likely to have the biggest impact upon Entrepreneurs/SMEs: from a business/financial perspective. Future proofing your business against any fiscal changes could make a crucial difference to your bottom line.

Such changes could include:

  • Changes to Corporation Tax Rates
  • Changes to Dividends Taxation Rates
  • VAT Changes
  • General economic outlook
  • Hi-Tech relief scheme (R&D Tax credit) changes

Of course, whilst providing key takeaways from the Budget, there may be specific areas that you would like to discuss regarding the Budget, so there will also be a Q&A at the end of the talk.