How many of your client’s do you LOVE working with? Do you still get excited about a project after the first week or does that enthusiasm quickly diminish?

Over the past 7 years of running his own creative business, Matt has had his fair share of amazing clients, but he also had some that he was glad to see the back of. Sound familiar?

Club Workspace has teamed up with creative business expert Matt Essam to provide a 2 hour workshop designed specifically for creatives and freelancers to help find the perfect balance of emotional and financial reward in what you do.

In this workshop, Matt will be sharing three powerful strategies that will help you to

  • Find and attract clients you love working with on a consistent basis
  • Stand out from the competition and communicate the real value of your services
  • Be creatively fulfilled with the work you do on a daily basis

This event, usually £10, is provided FREE to Club Workspace members, book your seat now using the code Workspace10

Creative Business ExpertMatt Essam


Rainbow Industrial Park
The Print Rooms
Canalot Studios
Ladbroke Grove
Mallard Place
Cannon Wharf
Surrey Quays