There are restaurants that people line up for. There are products that you must pre-order months in advance. There are tickets that sell out on the day they are released. There are stocks that go roaring up in value right after they float. There are cars that were bought before they were built, properties that sell off the plan when they are nothing more than a set of drawings.

There are consultants who are booked six months in advance and hair stylists who charge ten times more than others. There’s furniture you have to pre-order and bottles of wine that are purchased while their grapes are still hanging on the vine.

There are people who don't chase clients. Clients chase them.

 In a world of endless choices, why does this happen? Why do people line up, pay more, and book so far in advance when other options are easily available? Why are these people and products in such high demand? 

A product or brand reaches a level of being “oversubscribed” when there are far more buyers than sellers. It's when demand massively outstrips supply. It's when many more people want something than capacity allows for. This workshop is designed to give you a recipe for becoming oversubscribed, and introduce the underlying ideas that drive this phenomenon.

So, how do you get your business oversubscribed?

A Campaign Driven Enterprise is the identity businesses need to adopt in order to become oversubscribed. It’s a strategic mind-set that focuses on running powerful campaigns and turns a business into a series of critical moments and important events. It’s how great companies like Nike, Apple and Virgin all started (and continue to thrive).

Moreover, these skills and strategies are key for scaling a business. Every entrepreneur, leader or marketing manager must learn how to encourage 10, 20 or even hundreds of people at one time to engage with their business.

Admittedly it does feel safer to do things in a linear way, or one at a time. You go and meet a potential client, you sell something to them, you deliver it, you go and meet another potential client; this seems natural and logical.

Most small businesses are set up this way but it’s unsustainable and causes people to grow bored or burn out. It doesn’t work for the business owner (who exhausts themselves fast and can’t scale) and it doesn’t work for the clients (who don’t get the energy they deserve).

A Campaign Driven Enterprise thinks differently, they look to cluster activities up into larger chunks. They go and get a hundred potential clients, choose the 20 they want to work with, deliver an expertise to those 20 and then they go get a hundred more.

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