People are spending more time than ever tapping through Snapchat, sharing Stories on Instagram, updating their statuses on Facebook, and sharing their whereabouts on Twitter. For better or worse, where people pay attention, so should marketers. We’ve come a long way since the early days, with the slightest tweak to Facebook’s algorithm pulling the rug out from beneath our feet.

Time to play catch up.

Whether you’re building an online shop, growing a community, or driving custom to your bricks and mortar business, we'll show you how best to spend your time to achieve meaningful results. And find out when, conversely, social media might not be the best use of your efforts.

Understand where to focus your efforts, and how to keep up with the pace of change
Navigate the emerging art of Facebook advertising
Discover whether influencer marketing is right for your business

Tom Szekeres began social media marketing in 2008, joined top creative agency Poke in 2011, and co-founded digital agency This Here in 2013. He’s now working on an early stage startup and consulting with General Assembly. He has spoken at Social Media Week, Google Campus, Shoreditch House, the BBC, and Internet Week Europe, and recently started a weekly email, One Step Forward.

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