Most startups fail due to inadequate cash flow management. Why take the risk to be part of the statistics?

In this talk, we will go over accounting and cash flow management for startups. The aim of this event is to provide entrepreneurs with

- a clearer understanding of financial planning and management

- some tools to plan cash requirements more effectively

- the golden rules of effective bootstrap

Club Workspace member Thierry has worked in retail, healthcare, marketing and technology. Before launching Theriac, he was group finance director for a seed fund.

No question is off limit and you will be asked to contribute to the discussion actively.

Is it for me?

Whether you have launched, are thinking of launching or are just interested in getting a better understanding of entrepreneurial finance, this event will be relevant. It is about laying down the foundations of good financial management.

Aren't sales and marketing more important skills?

To build a great business, an entrepreneur needs to have one specific area of expertise and a very good understanding of all other areas of business. Why? Because, when you will hire people to work with you, you will need to be able to judge of their competencies. Running out of cash three weeks before making it would be a tragedy. Why take the risk?

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Barley Mow Centre
Fleet Street
The Shepherds Building
Shepherd's Bush
Mare Street Studios
Fuel Tank
Archer Street Studios