At this WBI Breakfast, ambitious consumer-facing brands are armed with a deeper understanding of GenZ and their use of dark social. Enabling brands to authentically develop the relationship that's required to deliver products, branding, marketing and experiences that are essential for the world's largest consumer group.

According to Bloomberg analysis of United Nations data, and using 2000/2001 as the generational split, Generation Z now comprise 32% of the global population nudging ahead of millennials as the world’s largest consumer group. 2019 marked a milestone as the first cohort turned 18 and began to flex their purchasing power outside of their family unit.

For consumer-facing brands, each generation represents a unique set of behaviours and challenges for those looking to reach them, and GenZ is no different. Jaywing and YouGov delivered research covering 1,000 individuals in the UK aged between 16-21 found that they post twice as often on “dark social” in comparison to traditional social feeds such as Facebook. This follows an overall downward trend of public sharing on social.

These dark areas, SMS, emails, Slack, WhatsApp, read later apps, Facebook messenger, marked by brands as “dark social”, where content and ROI are less accurately tracked, represent a massive challenge and opportunity for brands.  How should brands authentically harness these private and potentially profitable conversations and interactions with the world’s largest consumer group?   

Our panel will look at just some of these key questions:

  • How can brands develop a deeper understanding of Gen Z—one that is rooted in continuous, two-way dialogue that's required to deliver products, branding, marketing and experiences that this elusive and evolving generation is looking for. 

  • Brands are realising the need to re-evaluate how to build technology/code sustainably to generate trust with Gen Z and to protect their privacy. How should brands authentically harness these private and potentially profitable conversations and interactions with the world’s largest consumer group?  

  • How should brands interact with Gen Z in these dark spaces to create more relevant and authentic content that encourages sharing with friends and family?

  • What can consumer-facing businesses of all sizes do to prepare for this new generation?

The Workspace Business Insight Programme is an exciting events line-up bringing together industry leaders to discuss current business trends and topics. Past speakers have included guests from Formula 1, Tide, Revolut, The Economist, Facebook, McKinsey & Company, Moonpig, Pret a Manger, LinkedIn, Microsoft, IBM Design, Monzo Bank, UCL and O2 among many others.

Directors, founders and other senior leaders from customers across Workspace's community are invited to register their interest in attending this complimentary event.

The Panel

Maira Genovese, Founder and CEO of MG Empower based at Brickfields

Maira is a thought leader, CEO and entrepreneur with over 16 years of experience in marketing for global brands (American Express, Yves Saint Laurent, Burberry and Value Retail) and working with global influencers. 

She launched MG Empower in 2015 with the aim of creating a new age global integrated communications agency to reshape the future of brands communications. In four years MG Empower has become an industry-leading business in the markets increasingly growing influencer sector, laying an impressive roster of clients including Chopard, Zenly, Porsche, BY TERRY, Dior Fragrance, TikTok and Biossance. 

Her vision of empowering others is reflected at the agency's core values, from the name to the mission of empowering brands to engage with communities at scale through the powerful voices of influencers. MG Empower, an independently owned business, is one of the few global influencer marketing agencies present in five global markets: LATAM, USA, Europe, SEA, India and Russia.


Donovan Justice, CEO & Founder of Digital Detox 

Donovan Justice is the CEO and founder of Digital Detox, a purpose-led design and development agency focused on building core technology to deliver digital empowerment, specialising in web and apps.

With a solid 15 years of technical experience as an interface, front-end and Javascript developer, and having founded Digital Detox back in 2004, his sweet spot for web technologies and understanding of tech with purpose means his work enables clients to leverage the latest technology to best service humanity, sustainability and growth.

Jay Richards, Founder of Imagen (Formerly DivInc)

Jay Richards is the Forbes 30 under 30 CEO of imagen, imagen enables agencies and brands to collaborate with Gen Z for brutally honest insights about branding, marketing and products.

No more guessing, they crowdsource the best talent from over 200,000 Gen Z to enable agencies and brands to build all of the above with Gen Z in the room



Diarra Smith, Operations Director at Knowledge Peers

As the lead of the Business Insight Programme run by Knowledge Peers, Diarra leads efforts as the programme supports business owners and directors from across Workspace's customer ecosystem by delivering key insight events and data on trends that will impact business in the future. Diarra started his career in a data services consultancy supporting the Cabinet Office and leading UK research bodies.

He has experience supporting clients across the political and violent risk analysis and regulatory monitoring space. In 2018, Diarra was a Top 10 finalist in RAHM 2018, RAHM brings together the most outstanding present and future LGBT+ leaders in the world. Diarra is a venture scout for Backed VC. Backed is a London-based VC fund set up to do things differently. Diarra holds a degree in Philosophy from the University of Toronto.



8:30am to 9:00am   | WBI Networking Breakfast
9:00am to 10:15am | WBI Panel Discussion & Audience Q&A
10:15am to 11:00am | Networking until end

What to expect?

The insight events provide a platform for senior directors to discuss the most relevant challenges facing growing businesses today. Sharing their insights, advice and best practice together with an open Q&A with fellow industry leaders.

Our insight events focus on what you can learn and how it might impact you or your business. We don’t spend that much time talking at attendees and we build in plenty of opportunities for attendees to question the panellists.

We leave ample time for attendees to network with the other senior leaders and of course enjoy a delicious breakfast.

Where do I sign up?

Register for a complimentary spot at our #WBIBreakfast, The Rise of GenZ and Dark Social: How should consumer facing brands use the darkest part of social to capture the world’s largest consumer group on Wednesday 4th March at Workspace’s Fleet Street from 8:30am to 11:00am. This #WBIBreakfast is open to Directors and Senior Leaders from current Workspace customers and Club Workspace members and selected guests. Knowledge Peers will contact you on 25th February to confirm your spot. Registration does not guarantee entry as it is expected that this event will be over-subscribed.  Each attendee should register unique registration details. Registration closes for this event on 23rd February.

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