In light of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, we regret to inform this event has been postponed until further notice. Please keep an eye on this page for updates.

Workspace have partnered with Leafage to deliver a Tropical Office Terrarium Workshop. This intro to crafting a terrarium aims to promote employee's wellbeing through nature, human connection and creativity, in the heart of London. 

The talented team at Leafage will walk you through a step by step guide of how to create a self-contained garden that’s grown in a closed glass container. Think of it as a mini-greenhouse, a perfect low-maintenance miniature garden for urban dwellers.

All equipment will be provided for you as well as a care guide of how to look after your terrarium at the end of the workshop.

Consider this a certified way to kick start your Spring the right way and learn to keep houseplants thriving in years to come.

To make sure our intro workshops can reach as many of you as possible within the Workspace community, the workshop is limited for 1-2 guests per company to book. We look forward to seeing you there!

Additionally, all proceeds will go directly to Crisis if you opt to purchase a ticket with an additional £5 donation included. This is a charity Team Leafage holds close to their hearts.

To register your attendance, click on the link above, enter the password dosomethingfornothing and choose your ticket. 

#DoSomethingForNothing is a movement born from the idea that we are all able to do something for someone: for nothing.

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Archer Street Studios
Mallard Place
The Leather Market