Money will not buy you happiness, but I would rather cry in a Mercedes than a bus.


How is your relationship with money? Do you just spend, spend, spend with no idea of what you are spending on? Are you frugal and spend averse? Do you believe you deserve wealth? Do you purchase with purpose?

Our relationship with money is often affected by deep-set emotional ties and beliefs ingrained on us over many years. Not all of these are healthy and can lead us into a poverty mindset, or a careless disrespect of the green stuff.

Join us for the next instalment of our Strategic Mastery Sessions, in partnership with Ask The Boss, and discover how your money mindset can impact your success, and how to make spending decisions based on and in line with your values, purpose and plan.

At every workshop you will:

  • Challenge your existing thinking
  • Challenge your existing plans
  • Unlock strategies that will transform your business

Seats are limited, secure your place here.

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