When learning what to do with our stash of savings, the terms used by those in the know can make it feel like we’re learning a completely new language. For those of us who don’t find ‘personal finance’ complex, time-consuming or boring, learning it can also be very expensive.

We've invited the team at Sagely to debunk the myths around saving and investing. They’re translating everything into plain English and explaining why it doesn't matter how much you earn - investing for the future doesn’t have to be costly or confusing.

  • Already built up cash that you don’t want to splash?
  • Need to see that hard-earned money work for you rather than the other way around?
  • Fancy finding out what the difference is between active vs. passive investing?
  • Want to know whether to buy stocks or funds and what ‘asset allocation’ is exactly..?

Sound like you? Then join us for part II of our Sagely Sessions at Club Workspace Clerkenwell, from 1:00pm on Wednesday 20th March. In this talk, together we'll demystify the jargon and bust all the myths.

The man behind the movement

Johann Bornman is the founder of Sagely.

He spent 6 years helping to start and build an investment business for a Bank and then worked for a boutique investment firm to help build a team for them.

Wanting to make a bigger impact, Johann has since spent all his time and energy to democratise finance and make it more inclusive and accessible for the average person.

He was the Director of Product for a Pan-European Startup that simplified investing for the average person before founding Sagely. A personal finance startup that focuses on Financial Wellness.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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