Business owners often make the mistake of not planning their exit strategy early enough. They get caught up in running their business on a day-to-day basis without considering long-term goals.

In fact, your business's exit strategy should be an integral part of its growth strategy. And if your intention is to get a real value for your business in the future, it's never too early to start thinking about who's going to buy it and why.

We'll be working through the key questions every business owner should consider, whatever stage of growth they are at.

Who are the potential buyers? Are you considering a management buyout or an IPO? Or are you anticipating interest from a competitor or a financial institution?

How do you value your business? What would make them pay more rather than less? Have you developed an appropriate sales strategy and are you offering the best product to the buyer?

Have you managed to build and structure the right team for a successful sale? And have you got the best experts, internal and external, to advise you throughout it? Are you going to use a broker or an M&A advisory firm?

What’s the best process of selling your business? Have you done the appropriate due diligence? Is the right time and are market conditions favourable? And have you structured your tax affairs to keep as much of the proceeds as possible?

Maximise the value of your business

The workshop will have a maximum of 20 attendee companies – and the discussion will be based around actual case studies (including those of the attendees).

We’re pleased to welcome David Wyeth from EFM Growth to help deliver this workshop.  

David is an experienced Growth Partner providing professional advice and support for clients who wish to grow or re-structure their business by sale or acquisition.  He works with a wide range of businesses but has a particular focus on the digital sector including Information Technology, Telecoms, Marketing, Communications, Recruitment and Consulting (the typical business size is £1m to £25m revenue) David has over 30 years corporate finance and Private Equity experience. David holds an MSc in Computer Science from Stanford University and a BA(Hons) in Mathematics from the University of Cambridge.

The workshop will be facilitated by experienced experts covering strategy, finance and legal matters:

EFM – Finance experts

Clarity Wealth Management – Financial advisers

The Workshop Sessions are free to Workspace customers and Club Workspace Members. Non-Workspace customers may access the Workshops Sessions for £50(+VAT)

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