Ahead in the Cloud Workshop: How a strategic view on the use of Business Apps and Cloud Services can help your business outperform the competition

The Workshop Sessions are free to Workspace customers and Club Workspace Members. Non-Workspace customers may access the Workshops Sessions for £125(+VAT)

Workshop attendees are invited to attend our Evening Seminar for networking drinks, canapes and a panel debate at The Leather Market near London Bridge on Digital Finance and the Growing Business - Open Banking, Connectivity and Data Sharing – Opportunities and Threats. Find out more here

Are your business finances, customers, suppliers and staff increasingly being managed through a range of cloud applications, hosted services and shared data platforms? Do you check your bank statement and see a glut of debits going out to a spectrum of online suppliers you never heard of 5 years ago?

If so, you are in the same boat as most SMEs, and these Workshops provide a chance to check on whether your use of Apps and Cloud Services are efficient, effective, safe and legal! Used in the right way, your business can outperform the competition. A lack of strategic thinking in their use, and you can spend your time dealing with a mess of unnecessary process.

These Workshops will be delivered by a range of skilled experts in their fields, and present a chance for you learn from the experiences and recommendations of other business leaders. Some of the areas we will be covering:

Who is responsible for preparing and using company data – who should have access, and how to you manage confidentiality.

How do you look after data – and where? How do you manage connectivity between your team, and customers and suppliers? How do you safely manage the array of devices utilised throughout your company?

What financial applications can work for your business – and we will cover core accounting, analytical tools, cash forecasting, e-commerce and payment engines.

What legal and regulatory matters should you be considering – how do you deal with GDPR, hosting security and confidentiality.

What should you be spending on all of this – and do you get the return you want? What are the pitfalls to avoid?

Delegates will have the opportunity to follow up directly with the experts involved.  There are two sessions available.

Workshop One – 1:30pm to 3:30pm

Workshop Two – 4.00pm to 6.00pm

The Record Hall
Hatton Garden
Peer House
Fleet Street
Parkhall Business Centre
West Dulwich
Archer Street Studios