Join us at Club Workspace The Leather Market, where this session will teach you how to optimise your mind, body and wellbeing. Health is holistic, meaning we need to look at mind and body as a whole in order to have the vitality we need in our lives.

In this session, Leanne Spencer, Founder of Bodyshot Performance Ltd, will talk about the common problems affecting busy professionals, separate stress from burnout, and explain how you can make small changes to your health that have a very significant impact over time. We’ll focus on the Six Signals® - sleep, mental health, body composition, energy, digestion and fitness – and how you can use these signals to improve your health, get more sleep, improve your resilience and feel more in control of your life.

The talk will last an hour, with the opportunity for a Q&A session afterwards. This session is exclusively free to Workspace customers.

Six signals