Are you working in a start-up or want to start your own business? In this private group session, Kaitlin Zhang will work with a select group of entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs to develop their personal brands online.

You'll work through the 5 steps to building your personal brand online with Kaitlin.

  1. Pitch (your brand positioning an elevator pitch)
  2. Profile (photos and video)
  3. Platform (website)
  4. Produce (social media and content marketing)
  5. Partnership (brand partners and media partners)

Kaitlin will answer some of the most comon questions:

  • What is the difference between corporate branding and personal branding?
  • How do I present myself in the best way, espeically if I'm wearing many different hats?
  • What are the best practices for CEO / founder's online reputation management?
  • How can CEOs leverage the team's personal brand to attract investments?
  • How can I build my personal brand without spending much time?
  • Should I get a personal website? How do I make a website easily?


  • Door Open 6:30pm
  • Workshop time 7pm - 9pm
  • Max group size is 12 people - Club Workspace customers can use the code "clubworkspace" to register for a free place via Eventbrite (hit 'Book your seat' above)

What you need to bring to the workshop, in order to participate fully:

  • Laptop (please ensure it's charged)
  • Laptop charger
  • Any logos, photos or videos you want to put on your website
  • Smiles and a "can-do" attitude

*Please note that late comers will miss important steps so it is crucial to arrive on time.

60 Gray's Inn Road
The Biscuit Factory
Havelock Terrace
Mare Street Studios
Archer Street Studios