Freelance Freedom: How To Break The Cycle Of Feast & Famine

If you're an established freelancer working in the creative industry, chances are you're earning less than you want to be, your income is inconsistent and unpredictable, or a lot of the work you take on is boring and unfulfilling. 

Running a freelance business isn't easy, and the truth is it's only getting harder. The competition is increasing all of the time and there are now more than two million freelancers in the UK alone. So how do you stand out from the competition and get paid what you are worth? The answer is closer than you think. Join us at Club Workspace The Frames, Shoreditch, where we've partnered with leading business coach Matt Essam, to offer a free 90 minute workshop that explores how you can build a freelance business that gives you more freedom, stability and creative control. 

Learn three powerful strategies that will help you to:

  • Create a consistent flow of high value clients
  • Get paid what you ask
  • Find meaning and purpose in your work

Seats are limited to 10-15 for his business-changing workshop, with tickets free for Workspace and Club Workspace members, secure your place now using promo code 'workspace' at the checkout.

The 3 Key Ingredients For Growing Your Creative Freelance Business 

  1. Understand the unique value you have to offer, so you have the confidence to win the work you really want to be doing
  2. Learn how to communicate that value to potential clients on a consistent basis so you never run out of wor
  3. Discover out how to deliver remarkable results to your clients so they don't question your price and give you complete creative control

Meet Matt Essam

Having run his own creative freelance business for over 7 years, Matt knows how difficult it can be to get the balance right, between doing work you love and paying the bills.  Matt was lucky enough to work with some of the UK's most successful entrepreneurs who showed him how to build a financially stable business on his terms. He is now on a mission to help established freelancers and small business owners in the creative industry to find meaningful work and get paid what they are worth. 

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