Club Workspace in partnership with The House, brings to you an incredible Masterclass on ‘How to build your brand on a budget’

Learn how to brand your business without breaking the bank!

There are some fundamental ways to tell your story on a budget and get your brand noticed. Join branding experts Michael Murdoch and Robbie Dale to discover the top tips and tricks to help an audience fall in love with your business as they share over 15 years worth of knowledge.

Get your brand noticedWithout breaking the bank


Branding tells your story; it’s not just about a pretty logo! It's about the bigger thinking around the organisation. With a brand you can trust and believe in, any business can thrive. So whether you're launching or refreshing your brand, make sure you set solid foundations for growth.

To attend this Masterclass please RSVP to

Archer Street Studios
The Shepherds Building
Shepherd's Bush
The Biscuit Factory