Is Your Business "Investment Ready"?

This Workshop will focus on “Investment Readiness” and will help entrepreneurs address the fundamental question – Do you have a product or service that investors will back with hard cash?

The Workshop –  Product and Service Validation when seeking Equity Investment.

Early stage businesses can sound exciting, but investors know how easy it is to pour money into the wrong option (and there are plenty of options). So, validating your business model is a vital step in raising equity.

Investors want to know:

  • Are you dealing with a problem worth solving?
  • Are there enough people who want it solved?
  • Does your product actually solve the problem?
  • Are other products already solving the problem?
  • What will customers pay for the problem to be solved?

The Workshop will take you through the processes you need to consider when addressing those questions, and how you evidence the answers to investors when they carry out due diligence. In addition, the sessions will look at related challenges such as:

  • Sourcing relevant investors
  • How to manage the funding process
  • Protecting your interests

Each Workshop will have a maximum of 15 attendee companies – and discussion will be based around actual case studies (including those of the attendees). Each Workshop will be facilitated by experienced experts covering strategy, finance, legal matters and (most importantly) the perspective of the investor.

We are delighted that investment directors from Syndicate Room, Crowdcube and Envestors will be participating in the workshops.

Location and Timing

Workshop Location – Workspace’s Metal Box Factory on 5th June 2018. Each Workshop will last 2hours 30 Minutes:

  • Workshop 1 commencing 12:30pm, finishing 3:00pm
  • Workshop 2 commencing 3:30pm, finishing 6:00pm.

The workshops will be delivered by team from:

EFM - Finance Expertise

The Legal Director – Legal Experts

Envestors – Investor Expertise

Syndicate Room – Investor Expertise

Crowd Cube – Investor Expertise

The Workshop Sessions are free to Workspace customers and Club Workspace Members. Non-Workspace customers may access the Workshops Sessions for £50(+VAT)


60 Gray's Inn Road
Metal Box Factory
The Record Hall
Hatton Garden
Clerkenwell Workshops
Barley Mow Centre
Rainbow Industrial Park
Canalot Studios
Ladbroke Grove
Fuel Tank