Xplor is a software (SAAS) company that has revolutionised the day to day operations of childcare centers across the world and saves valuable time for both parents, child care center owners and administrators through smart, digital reporting and management.

Xplor transforms the way we approach learning. Create, collaborate, and explore. Your ideas are closer to becoming real when you find a place where you can build and work with others to make them a reality.

What We Started from Xplor on Vimeo.

From 19:00- 20:30 Graham will be presenting MyXplor the world’s only end-to-end solution for childcare management, by end-to-end, we mean for AdministratorsEducators, and Parents, With free software and hardware they aim to eliminate paperwork and create more learning moments.

If you have any questions please contact Shanice at Shanice.Buckley@workspace.co.uk.

Come down to learn more about Xplor!