Do you find public speaking nerve-racking? Do you get really stressed before giving a presentation? Do you fear public speaking?

Public speaking is a very useful skill to develop in life. It not only helps you to do things such as presentations at work and university but also develops your inner qualities in other areas of life allowing you also to improve your social relationships with people, as you learn how to express yourself better.

Come to our taster event to learn some new tips on how to boost your public speaking confidence, get involved in some breathing exercises, speaking games and impromptu speaking. CHECK out our video HERE

Who is the event for?

This event is for people who want to improve their public speaking confidence. 

We are all about getting rid of our fears and practising public speaking. We have a very friendly, supportive and non-judgemental environment, which means we encourage people to make mistakes here and learn from them. 

What to expect from this workshop:

The structure will follow a session of relaxation and meditation exercises, warm up and energy building games, as the evening progresses we will do speaking exercises and impromptu speeches.

In this workshop we will be practising some of the pillars of a confident public speaker. 

Confident public speaking is comprised of the following 8 elements:

· Breath and pace

· Voice projection

· Physicality (body language and eye contact)

· Content (structure)

· Intention and congruency

· Emotions and tone variety

Should you prepare or bring anything:

No. Just bring a willingness to grow and challenge yourself! That is the best way to overcome your fears. Refreshments will be provided.

If you have a speech you want to practice, feel free to prepare it beforehand and deliver it in the class (this is optional).

Our Philosophy

A note about our philosophy on how we approach in helping people to overcome their fears; We do not mould our speakers into a one fits all model, where we try to shape you into someone who you are not. Our principles are grounded in authenticity, where we encourage our attendees to get in touch with themselves on a deeper level, which as a result enhances their communication skills and delivery. In the class we aim to identify what is authentic and natural to our speakers and we focus on bringing more of that out, enabling our attendees to identify their natural speaking style. The way we achieve this is by encouraging our participants to explore being vulnerable and experiment with how it feels to have 'your guard' down. We believe that being vulnerable equals strength and not weakness. Instead of always attempting to be someone who we are not, which forces us to hide certain qualities from the public, we encourage our attendees to be themselves; this is because what we are is already as great and 'full' as we can be. When we aim to be more, or change/hide our weaknesses we allow our fear of public speaking, alongside other socially-derived anxieties to prosper. Hence, our goal is to help people reach a place of self-worth, self-love and self-acceptance and VULNERABILITY is a big theme underlying our philosophy. 

Background about the facilitator:

Michael Sokolin holds a BA in Entrepreneurship and Management and a MA in Consultancy and Coaching. He has previously worked as a management consultant in A.T. Kearney and managed an international team in the strategy department of Groupon.

Training as an actor, Michael has constructed a strategic step-by-step approach for gaining more confidence in public speaking. His training draws from actor's training in drama schools, various public speaking methodologies and improvised comedy training.

Michael's goal is to identify your weakest areas, and focus mainly on them, so you can grow your confidence in the most proven and practical way.

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