About The Startup Van

The Startup Van are an international media company traveling the world, in the last 7 months alone they have visited Melbourne, Hong Kong, Chicago and Atlanta filming with some incredible entrepreneurs. Gary Vee has even filmed the "Ask Gary Vee Show" in The Startup Van (Watch it here) Check them out on Twitter HERE

Who's behind it

Graham Hussey and Mark McDonagh are The Startup Van founders, they have dedicated the past two years to creating the best video content for entrepreneurs around The World. They have recently paused their international travels and opened a permanent film studio in London, to collect inspiring video content featuring entrepreneurs. 

What's happening

Graham and Mark will arrive on site at 16:00 – 18:30 to meet and film with start-ups, possibly featuring your news on THE ROUNDUP. The Startup Van have an audience of 3.5 million people through social media platforms, come down if you have news to share its unbelievable exposure!

To book your place, please contact Shanice at Shanice.Buckley@workspace.co.uk.