Strategic Business Growth Clinic
Create growth for your business – free 1:1 session with an experienced business mentor

To grow your business successfully, you need to know its strengths and weaknesses, and you need the right support.

At this free event, you’ll speak face to face with an experienced business mentor who has successfully grown their own business. They’ll use an independent external perspective to help you identify the greatest opportunities for you to prioritise and achieve your optimum growth potential. You’ll come away with your own summary report, a plan for your next steps, and new ideas for increasing profit and efficiency.

The clinic includes:

  • access to a short online business performance diagnostic (15 minutes to complete) and a summary report
  • 1:1 practical guidance from market-leading business advisers with a track record of scale-up success

You’ll have the opportunity to complete a ‘business health’ diagnostic (worth £199 – offered free for this event). This will be converted into an electronic report, and will provide you with a powerful tool to review areas for improvements and strengths on which you can build.

Please book here now, marking your preference for a morning or afternoon appointment.

This event is brought to you as a collaboration between Advantage Business Partnerships and Workspace.

Who should attend?

Ambitious company founders and business entrepreneurs running established businesses which are in the process of scaling up or seeking accelerated business improvement.

Who will you meet?

Two of our lead advisers are available for 1:1s at this event (view our entire team here).

Daryl Woodhouse is an inspirational business coach, who creates innovative strategic and performance management initiatives to achieve the best results for companies and individuals. He also specialises in team building, financial control, business development and time management. Daryl is the founder of Advantage Business Partnerships.

Indy Agnihotri is an experienced chartered accountant and corporate finance professional and has worked for a number of top consultancy firms in London. He now uses the skills he has gained as a business coach, chartered accountant and trainer, specialising in providing coaching, accounting and business advice to business owners.

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