OPUN & LOVESPACE: Managing the Crowd - Realities of Crowd Equity for the Growing Business

Informed Funding, in partnership with Workspace, invite you to “Managing the Crowd” – where you get the chance to learn about the real pros and cons of financing your business through Crowd Funding, a source of finance that is now highly accessible for the right businesses.

The best way to learn is through the experiences of a business that has been there and done it – in this case, more than once!

So we are pleased to announce that we have the chance to listen to and question the CEO of one of the most exciting new businesses around – LOVESPACE’s Steve Folwell, lovespace.co.uk is Europe’s leading by-the-box storage company, disrupting the UK’s £0.4Billion traditional self-storage industry.

The audience will include senior representatives from some of the Crowd Funding platforms, plus plenty of entrepreneurial business owners. The event is being held at the newly revamped Canterbury Court at Kennington Park – a fantastic space with plenty of space and time to continue networking. 

Cost: The event is free to Registered Business Members of Informed Funding. You may be become a member of Informed free-of-charge using the following link: 

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Attendees will be encouraged to come along with their own questions, but we expect the discussion to cover a range of key challenges, including:

-What type of businesses are attractive to the “Crowd” – and who exactly are the Crowd?!
-How do you build interest in your crowd funding campaign?
-How important is social media and an “exciting story” to a successful campaign?
-How do you go about pricing the shares?
-How hard is it to put your “pitch” together, and what’s the cost?
-What do you have to get right if you anticipate doing more than one funding round?
-What’s the relationship with the funding “Platform”, and what do they do to help things success?
-Once on board, how do you keep your Crowd Investors happy?
-How do you manage the relationship with the crowd investors once on board, and what do they expect on an ongoing basis? 


In 2014, Steve led LOVESPACE through its own seed round on CrowdCube. LOVESPACE funded 260% of its target, and went on to be named Crowdfunded Business of the Year at the Startups Awards and Equity Crowdfunded Business of the Year at the UKBAA Awards.

LOVESPACE’s latest round on CrowdCube has raised 40% of its £500,000 target.


Rod Brown – Session Chair

The session will be chaired by Rod Brown, CEO of Opun. 

Disruptive proptech home improvement brand Opun was one of the first businesses to launch a lift round on SyndicateRoom's platform in 2015. 

“In 2015, Opun quickly raised its bridge round funding target of £750,000 from an angel syndicate of industry heavyweights, including investment veteran Will Chawner. Opun’s Lift Round through SyndicateRoom raised this number to £983,000. These funds enabled Opun to service its rapidly growing customer demand and to prepare for a successful £3.4m Series A raise in February 2016 with Aviva Venture Capital.” 


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