The evening explores how to use body language, voice and mental techniques for greater confidence and ability. You will take away exercises to prepare yourself for pitches, interviews and presentations. Discover how to open yourself to communication in a team to enhance both leadership and follow-ship skills. Furthermore, you will be given methods with which to open your voice and release its potential for telling the story of your ideas.

Irene Friend brings 20 years of public speaking and dramatic training to this bespoke Workspace Workshop. Her work includes individual courses, story-telling workshops and presentation workshops for Decoded, HereEast and regular workshops MakersAcademy. 

"I feel empowered to put together a great voice warmup/workout which works for me."

Marc Davies, Decoded

NB. Please wear comfortable clothing for movement. If possible, bring a towel or yoga matt. Some will be provided.

Please RSVP to Shanice Buckley at

Parkhall Business Centre
West Dulwich
The Shepherds Building
Shepherd's Bush
338 Goswell Road
Cannon Wharf
Surrey Quays