Ladies in Business is an exciting new event that will focus on information and motivation for young women who would like to start or grow their businesses. 


Lu Li

Lu Li is a Chinese born, German entrepreneur who now lives in London. Lu initially worked for large companies in management consulting and FMCG. She started two businesses one in Zurich and then one in London shortly after moving here a couple of years ago. Lu Li is the founder of Blooming Founders, Blooming Founders Is a place where ambitious women can get feedback on their business ideas, learn how to build a sustainable business, get focus and meet like-minded people in a friendly, collaborative environment.

 Lu Li has compliled an impressive list of 66 female founders from all across the glbe who have contributed to her book 'Dear Female Founder'. Each chapter is a letter from one of the contributors that starts with the words 'Dear Female Founder' targeted at a younger self or other young women with the aim of imparting their experiences and knowledge.   

Elizabeth Jones & Lola Payne

Elizabeth Jones & Lola Payne are founders of Luvli Lounge, which  is a luxurious Lingerie brand based in the UK, that aims to target diverse women from all social classes as well as backgrounds. The essence of Luvli Lounge is to captivate the fresh and fashionable current trends, whilst maintaining outstanding quality that is affordable.

They strongly believe in women empowerment and encourage women to not only feel comfortable in underwear but most importantly their skin. 

Their Ethos: Be... Feel... Look... LuvLi 

''Because you should feel Luvli everyday''.

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