Directors, founders and other senior leaders from customers across Workspace’s portfolio are invited to register their interest in attending this complimentary event.

A famous quote from Steve Jobs was “Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower” – and don’t entrepreneurs instinctively want to be leaders? Providing some balance, another titan of the Tech World, Steve Ballmer, said:

“We can believe that we know where the world should go. But unless we’re in touch with our customers, our model of the world can diverge from reality. There’s no substitute for innovation, of course, but innovation is no substitute for being in touch, either”.

So, innovation in business is worth nothing without it generating commercial results. At the forthcoming Workspace Business Insight Event, we get the chance to hear from all types of businesses that are great at innovation AND great at understanding what customers actually want. 

Chair – Mckinsey & Company – Benedict Sheppard (Partner)

Ben is passionate about developing bold, creative products. Before joining McKinsey he designed and built the world’s cheapest deep-sea camera: allowing pictures of alien life to be captured kilometres below the sea surface for under $5,000.

He has a wealth of experience helping clients improve their products and services. He has served over thirty of the world’s leading companies on everything from jet engines to luxury cars, from asthma inhalers to coffee machines. Ben has served them on a broad range of topics ranging from strategy to cost reduction and design optimisation.

Ben is a partner of McKinsey & Company, where he leads the UK Product Development and Design practices and founded the London Design-to-Value lab. He gives seminars on innovation and design-to-value at University College London.

During the evening, we will hear from:

Dyson’s Global Specification Director – Paul A Gregory

Today, there are Dyson machines in over 65 countries around the world. Dyson has grown from one man and one idea to a technology company with over 1,000 engineers worldwide. But it doesn’t stand still. At its core is an ever growing team of engineers and scientists. More ideas. More invention.

Paul, has spent over 20 years in senior specification sales roles for the likes of Concord, Wila and more recently held specification director positions at Eaton Cooper and Sylvania. He Joined Jake Dyson Products in 2015, prior to the integration with the larger Dyson organization, to head up global sales for both B2B and B2C customers.

Paul has worked on some of the worlds most prestigious buildings such as the Burj Khalifa Dubai, The Shard London and Yas Island Marina Abu Dhabi.

Brooke Roberts-Islam - Knitwear Designer, Fashion Tech Blogger, and Co-Director of Brooke Roberts Ltd

Brooke Roberts is an award-winning digital knitwear designer and consultant, with over a decade of experience as a diagnostic radiographer within the NHS, using inspiration from scan images to create knitwear using the latest digital knitting technology and yarns.  She has also collaborated with many large fashion brands and technological institutions over the years, combining science, technology and fashion, and is a sought-after figure when discussing the fusion of these disciplines (TEDMed Athens, Wired Next Generation, London Technology Week 2016).  

Brooke has recently started developing "smart textiles" and wearables through her own agency, Brooke Roberts Ltd, directly combining her knowledge of the latest developments in the "fash-tech" sector with her pioneering cross-discipline approach to developing new materials.  Brooke is also a Fashion Tech blogger for the Huffington Post UK and for her own blog, Techstyler.

Innovate UK’s Innovation Lead for Design – Ben Griffin

As Innovation Lead for Design at Innovate UK, Ben is responsible for the development of the organisation’s national design strategy and support programme including the ‘Design Foundations’ funding competition.

Design Foundations is a new £3m grant funding programme from Innovate UK to help businesses identify innovation opportunities and generate better propositions for desirable, useful and feasible products, services and business models.

During a 12 year period as principle designer and latterly non-executive director at TheAlloy - a leading UK design consultancy - Ben led and delivered award-winning product, interaction and service design projects across many sectors and for clients ranging from start-ups through to established multi-nationals.

Ben’s passion for human-centred design stems from a belief that, whilst technology can make new products and services possible, whether or not they are commercially successful ultimately depends on the motivations and behaviour of people.

Chargifi’s CEO and Co-Founder – Dan Bladen

Dan is the Co-Founder and CEO of Chargifi and serves on the leadership team for the Airfuel Alliance. He is passionate about using technology to solve everyday problems; creating efficient systems that do the hard work – instead of us.

Dan grew up selling lawnmowers for his father’s garden machinery company, playing with network components and building computers to sell to friends.

Since then, Dan has been involved variously in the arenas of technology, music, management and sales. Prior to Chargifi he oversaw a team of 50 and designed and implimented network and AV infrastructure for a £6.5 million building project in West London.

Dan is quick to spot and embrace innovation and is an early adopter of anything to do with the Internet of Things.

Dan and his team are part of the Workspace community, based out of Quality Court.

What to expect?

The insight events combine an interesting mix of ‘live’ case studies of senior directors from New and Growing Companies who have encountered a relevant challenge, together with Q&A with industry experts.

Our insight events focus on what you can learn and how it might impact you or your business. We don’t spend that much time talking at attendees and we build in plenty of opportunities for attendees to question case study subjects.

We leave ample time for attendees to network with the other senior leaders and of course enjoy delicious food and drinks.

Please contact Knowledge Peers on if you have any questions about this business insight event or, if you'd like to come, please register your interest.

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