Business Leaders Exchange (BLE)

A leadership development programme based on peer-to-peer learning. Designed to inspire and develop the leaders of established small businesses to grow their organisations

What is peer group learning?

A proven leadership concept in which like-minded people come together in a facilitated, confidential environment to share ideas, and give and take advice.

Members learn from and with each other by discussing and sharing actual challenges and dilemmas

Members then give each other valuable feedback and support drawing on their own experiences and skills.

Peer to peer learning is based on tried and tested, personal development methods that have been used by CEOs and Senior Managers in the commercial sector for years and is based on action centred learning

How does peer group learning work?

  • Around 10 business owners meet monthly
  • We partner with local businesses who host the meetings
  • Guest speakers reflecting needs and interests of the members
  • At the group meeting, members;
  • Are asked to share with the group what challenges they want to discuss – it can be lonely at the top so this may be the first time the challenge has been articulated – the simple process of speaking out load is in itself part of the learning process as the point is clarified and refined
  • Once we gone around the table and summarised the various challenges and their priority, members then vote on which challenges to discuss – those with most votes get chosen
  • We than have a structured open question session – the heart of the peer to peer leadership learning
  • Open questions provide the business owner with the opportunity to be challenged and reflect on the challenge – really good open questions allow options and possible solutions to be identified by the business owner themselves – this is a key aspect of the leadership learning process
  • The member session concludes with each member offering their thoughts on the what the business owner should do next – sometimes this is a confirmation of a proposed course of action or an new and effective way to resolve their challenge
  • Even if your challenge is not chosen
  • It can be carried forward to the next session, plus
  • You still get to understand the learning processes to resolve a challenge that it likely to be relevant to you – either than specific challenge or others
  • To ensure the meetings are confidential and safe environment, Chatham House rule applies which means you can take away and share the learning experience but not refer implicitly or explicitly to the source

Who is it for?

  • Business owners who looking to develop themselves and their business
  • An established small business with employees
  • You have some “scars” of being in business which also means you have experience to share with other members in the group – and vice versa.


  • Guest - complementary
  • First six monthly sessions £20 per month paid quarterly in advance – this is to reduce our invoicing workload
  • From 7th session, increases to £30 per session (also paid quarterly in advance – the reason for the increase is that Hounslow Council are seed funding some of the start up costs)
  • Full Money back guarantee – if you don’t get value out of a session and feel this is not for you, you will receive a full refund for that session and any paid for in advance.

Come along as a guest and see for yourself, contact Steve Mathews on or 07711 753430

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