Join us at Club Workspace China Works for a night of cutting-edge content in all things data and connecting with the worldwide Data Natives community. 


6:00 - 6:15 PM: Registration

6:15 - 6:30 PM: Elena Poughia, CEO & Founder of Data Natives

"Welcome to Data Natives!"

6:35 - 6:55 PM: Mussa Shirazi, Senior Consultant at Instaclustr

"Apache Kafka, A Visual Introduction"

In this talk, we explain the fundamentals of Apache Kafka in a fun way. We use Apache Kafka to build a modern-day fully electronic postal service to deliver messages to two consumer groups – Nerds, a multiple consumer and Hairy, a single consumer. Embark on this interesting journey with us, where our electronic postal service delivers an invitation for a Halloween party. Join this talk to find out who finally made it to the Halloween party.

This is a completely different and a fun take on Kafka!

7:00 - 7:20 PM: Franziska Kirschner, Senior Deep Learning Researcher at Tractable

"AI when you need it most: computer vision for speedy accident and disaster recovery"

Imagine the scene: your car is damaged; your freedom is interrupted. You're faced with two paths: either have your insurance claim sent to a human, who may take weeks to make a settlement, or send your claim to an AI, which can settle in minutes. In this talk, I explore how the latter is possible today. Through the use of cutting-edge image recognition and segmentation techniques combined with expert logic, I will present how it is possible to emulate expert-level tasks in auto insurance using AI.

7:25 - 8:30 PM: Networking

Connect with like-minded people in the ecosystem!

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