How to hack your finances: A guide to Financial Wellness by Johann Bornman

As freelancers, creatives, founders and start-up employees you’ll often find personal finances complex, time-consuming, boring and expensive!

So the wonderful host Johann Bornman, our guest speaker for this special event, will be giving a talk to cut through the jargon and BS.

He'll delve into the 4 Steps to Financial peace; Why, how and where to get started with your finances and what solid foundation you need to think about.

He'll then cover your 4 steps to Financial growth; Why and how to start with investing for the future.

Lastly, he'll touch on the concept of Financial Wellness (which directly impacts your mental and physical wellness).

Johann will be giving away some free tech tools to help with all of the above!

To make the most of this must-see event and tweak the talk to your business needs, the host would love for you to select the topics you most want covered here.

The man behind the movement

Johann Bornman is the founder of Sagely.

He spent 6 years helping to start and build an investment business for a Bank and then worked for a boutique investment firm to help build a team for them.

Wanting to make a bigger impact, Johann has since spent all his time and energy to democratise finance and make it more inclusive and accessible for the average person.

He was the Director of Product for a Pan-European Startup that simplified investing for the average person before founding Sagely. A personal finance startup that focuses on Financial Wellness.  


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