Workspace is proud to have partnered with Women of Wearables (WOW) to bring you this fantastic 90-minute webinar. Join us to find out about the present and future of healthcare, and the rise of new products in this space. 

It is these days especially when we can witness the importance and the impact of telemedicine, and digital transformation in healthcare.

Digital technologies are constantly evolving and every day there are new companies keen to tackle some of the challenges in healthcare and use the power of technology to offer solutions.

WOW have brought together three founders to talk about innovative solutions and products disrupting the health tech industry, from telemedicine to sex tech and women's health tech.

During this webinar, WOW will discuss the present and the future of health tech, healthcare driven by technology, AI and other emerging technologies.

Some of the topics that will be covered:

1) What it’s like to start a business in an industry that is still a taboo, like sex tech

2) How to launch a product in a highly regulated environment

3) How to build a brand that can potentially have an impact on the lives of thousands of people

4) Why fem tech is the next big thing in the healthcare space

5) The importance of medical research for women's health and why lack of medical data in this space is actually an opportunity for fem tech businesses to build next generation of products and services for women.

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Join us virtually and make sure to prepare your questions for the panelists! Those who have registered for the webinar will receive a link for a video call two days prior to the event.


6:30 - Webinar starts

6.30 - 6.35 - Women of Wearables - 5 minute presentation

6.35 - 8.00 - Panel discussion + Q&A

8.00 - Webinar finishes

The Panel

Aagya Mathur, co-founder and CEO of Aavia

From starting a volunteer service to fill a community need in high school and founding a small business to provide affordable transportation to her undergraduate classmates, to now leading Aavia to improve women’s health and wellness, Aagya Mathur is consistently bridging gaps and solving inefficiencies. Through personal and professional experiences, she found her passion at the intersection of healthcare, innovation, and analytics-driven insights. During her consulting career, she worked with various clients to improve patient experience and medication adherence. However, she found she needed to be closer to the end-user to have the kind of impact she knew she could have. The Aavia team works with women at each step of development to rapidly prototype a solution that empowers women to take their birth control pill on time, every time. Aavia’s pocket-sized smart device contains patent-pending sensor technology that recognizes the count and position of pills in her original pack and sends notifications to the user's phone until she actually takes it.

Alma Ramirez Acosta, co-Founder of Vibio

Alma is sextech entrepreneur, co-founder of Vibio, sextech startups creating a range of sex toys that combine innovative design with app technology to encourage people to explore their sexuality. Their mission is to destigmatize pleasure and present it in a natural and fun way to create conversation around it. She’s highly passionate about new technologies and their potential to increase sexual wellbeing, a taboo subject that affects everyone's lives but is rarely spoken about.

Hanine Estephan, Head of Market Development and Partnerships at Zava

Dr. Estephan is a seasoned health executive with over 15 years of experience. She has worked on a range of healthcare topics covering many functions including but not limited to strategy, growth & value creation, M&A commercial due diligences, offline and online partnerships. She is currently head of market development & partnerships at ZAVA - a Pan European digital health primary care provider. Previously to joining ZAVA, Dr. Estephan was a senior engagement manager at a top tier consulting firm, and prior to that, she was a health advisor with the World Bank. In addition to her role with Zava, she is currently a mentor and an advisory board member for early digital health stage start-ups. Hanine holds a Doctorate of Science degree in Public Health from Harvard University, MPH,& BS in Medical Laboratory medicine technology from AUB.

Nikki Michelsen, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of ohne

Nikki Michelsen is the co-founder and co-CEO of ohne, the community-first brand reshaping the way women experience their menstrual cycles. With a range of organic period products, including the UK’s first pro-period CBD oil, ohne provides people with the tools, data, and support they need to manage their entire cycles.

Anja Streicher, Chief Marketing Officer at Women of Wearables

Anja started her career working for a Y Combinator women’s health startup Bellabeat, where she led communications, content and social media strategy. After moving to London, she continued supporting startups from different industries working at Techstars London, a mentorship-driven startup accelerator program and a worldwide network for entrepreneurs. She performs a role of CMO at Women of Wearables and is passionate about women’s health and helping women in tech and business run and scale their businesses.

About WoW

Women of Wearables (WoW) is a leading global organisation supporting women and diversity in wearable tech, fashion tech and IoT. With headquarters in London (UK) and more than 20,000 members located around the globe, WoW has become a global movement that supports women in emerging technologies through events, mentorship, educational programs and collaboration with its network of local ambassadors and partners. 


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