We are all enchanted by stories and told over and over again as entrepreneurs how important storytelling is for your business and building your brand. With trends toward authenticity, there are so many ways of classifying your day to day: from side hustler to entrepreneur, to founder, CEO and director. It is easy to get lost in the title or, worse yet, to be defined by your title and not your story.

In this workshop we will explore storytelling and unearth practical ways to your own story in a confident, clear and authentic way. Our speaker, Jaz from JustJaz Life Coaching & Personal Development, will share the importance of stories through the ages, the power of your story, and how this can be uncovered and expressed using coaching techniques and group activities. Also covered will be some of the key differences between face to face and online storytelling, and how you can make the most of any platform. You will leave with the understanding of how to continuously uncover your story and the confidence to put that into words; with at least one tangible step they can take immediately to improve.

Own Your StoryClub Workspace Record Hall


5.00pm – arrival & network

5.30pm - introduction

5.40pm - the start of the event

6.40pm - 15-minute break

7.40pm - finish of the event

Jaz is available for further questions/info after the event.

The workshop will include Jaz sharing her own story, group exercises in storytelling and practical ways to become a better storyteller, so be sure to bring something to take notes with!

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Canalot Studios
Ladbroke Grove
The Print Rooms
The Leather Market