When, Where, For Who?

Wednesday 25th November from 5:30 -7:30pm in Club Chiswick. The workshop is open to all small business owners based in the Hounslow borough. The event is FREE for all attendees.

Why do it?

It will bind people within a business together and provide momentum for change and success.

The maximum benefits only come when a vision is shared and understood by all stakeholders, this workshop aims to provide support for businesses to ensure everyone is sharing the same vision.

A well thought out vision creates a sense of purpose for the people who make up the organization.

Staff, stakeholders, etc. all need to understand what their contribution is and what they will gain personally from its successful accomplishment – this workshop will help businesses clearly distinguish what peoples roles are within a business and how they will develop.

Testimonials from customers who have taken part in this workshop in the past:

“It has helped us understand what we need to do take our business forward”

“It has shown us how to put the ideas that we already have on to paper in a format that is implementable”

“I now have a much deeper understanding of how the financial aspects of the business works and how I can affect it. I’m thinking completely differently now. Much more strategic.”

Mallard Place
60 Gray's Inn Road
The Print Rooms
E1 Studios
Fleet Street