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Finding the ideal office space for one person

Finding the ideal office space for one person

Finding the ideal office space for one person 

Where you work from matters. The space needs to be practical, but we all work better when it’s comfortable, inspiring, and reflects what we do. At Workspace, we know a thing or two about the perfect office and can help you plan for and find yours. 

An office for one person is entirely possible, you don’t have to sacrifice privacy or facilities. If working alone from home is no longer working for you, it’s time to plan for your individual office space. 


Important things to consider when choosing a private office space 

When you need a single person, private office, these factors are all key: 


This is important because you’ll be using this space a lot, so if it’s too big or small you’re going to be frustrated quicky. This is where flexibility comes in, so you can change up the space if you need to. However, from the get go, think about what you’ll need in your office and calculate the space accordingly. 


Money will be a factor in all your business decisions. Make sure the space is affordable or you will have problems further down the line. Offices in London don’t have to break the bank 


They say this is one of the most important aspects of choosing your office, and we agree. It’s no good being on one side of London if most of your clients are on the other and need face to face meetings on the regular. You might need to be near to similar businesses or parts of London such as Hatton Garden for jewellery design or Soho for restaurants. 


Do you need a caffeine fix to keep you going throughout the day? Somewhere to lock your bike? Showers? These are all facilities that can come with an office building. Think about things you need day-to-day to work and factor them into your plans and research. 


Because office space is typically rented in a contract, make sure this is as flexible as possible. After all, if you sign up for a long-term contract and the space doesn’t work out, you don’t want to be stuck. Flexibility is also about how you can use the space. You need to be able to put your stamp on the place, so it reflects your business and its needs. 

Workspace gives you the freedom to scale up, scale down or move across locations with flexible agreements and rolling six-month breaks. You can also design the space however you need to. Your space, your way – now that’s flexibility.  

How much space do you need? 

If you’re just starting out, or run your business flying solo, you won’t need a tonne of space to work in. Think about the practical things you need at hand: a desk, chair, an inspiring piece of art perhaps? This list will be determined by your business and its needs. 

It’s a good idea to use a space calculator so you can see your options.  

Should you choose an office or studio space? 

The difference between these two types of space is the type of work that gets done there. If your business is more creative, like photography, crafts, or music companies, then a studio will have a more open plan feel and allow you to keep the space flexible. You can create areas for product shoots for instance or a display area for finished pieces. 

An office can be used for meetings, storing important documents and desk space. Legal businesses or architects might find this type of space better for its needs. 

Choose an experienced and trusted office space provider 

An expert opinion is invaluable, so choose an office space provider with plenty of experience, who knows exactly what you need and want. They can guide you and will probably find something you hadn’t even thought of in their portfolio.  

Workspace has over 30 years of experience in helping businesses to find the perfect space. Our customer stories speak volumes about how we provide companies of all shapes and sizes with inspiring offices, studios, and everything in between to keep them connected   

Find the perfect one-person office space with Workspace 

We’re home to London’s brightest businesses, with office and studio space across the capital. Let Workspace help you find your perfect office space, so you can get on with doing what you do best from an inspiring space in London.