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A guide to virtual offices

A guide to virtual offices

Virtual offices allow companies to establish a professional and reputable real-world presence without the high costs of renting and staffing commercial property.

A lot of companies choose not to go the traditional route when selecting a base for their business, especially if start-up capital is low. Virtual offices allow companies to establish a professional and reputable real-world presence, without the high costs of renting and staffing commercial property. Here, we take a look at what they offer, and some alternatives too.

What is a virtual office?

A virtual office combines off-site live communication, such as telephony, with address management services such as mail forwarding. Virtual offices are run by dedicated companies that provide these services to numerous businesses from the same physical location. A virtual office does not typically require a lease, although some companies may require you to sign up for a specified amount of time.

Why do businesses use virtual offices?

Businesses use virtual offices to avoid the significant overheads of renting and maintaining office space whilst still gaining the benefits that a real-world presence can bring to a firm. Some businesses use virtual offices for one specific feature, such as dedicated call handling, whilst others want a full-service office that allows them the freedom to move around whilst still building goodwill and a professional reputation.

What services do virtual offices offer?

Virtual offices provide a range of related services in areas such as telephony and address management. This is a comprehensive list of services that not all virtual offices will provide.

Communications services

  • Remote receptionists
  • Virtual assistants
  • Answering services

Space services

  • Reception courtesies
  • Meeting space
  • Workspace

Address management

  • Reputable address
  • Mailing address

On-site amenities

  • Broadband
  • Fax machines
  • Copy and scan functionality
  • Conference calling
  • Video conference calling

An alternative to virtual offices

Club Workspace is a fantastic way to have a base for your business, without the need for a conventional office. By joining our network of 20 (and growing) London locations, you get to work alongside like-minded business people in an atmosphere designed for ideas to grow into long term successful business models.

For a monthly membership fee, we provide a working environment on flexible terms as well as:

  • Business grade Wi-Fi
  • Additional services
  • A busy calendar of networking events
  • Access to high-spec meeting rooms bookable on an ad hoc basis
  • The chance to connect with over 4,000 businesses

Flexible membership means you’re not tied in to any long-term contracts and when you need to impress clients at a big pitch meeting, our meeting rooms are bookable by the hour. They’re kitted out with the latest tech too, naturally.

Does your business need meeting space?

Take a look at our meeting rooms and event space in London. Our stylish meeting rooms come fully kitted out for you to book Monday-Friday from 9am to 6pm.

Choosing where to base your business

Draw up a list of your requirements and use them to compare your virtual and co-working office options (bearing in mind that some will focus more on one service than others). Make sure the company you use can fulfil your most important needs. Ask to view customer testimonials, speak to current clients and inspect the virtual office premises to make sure the client-facing side fits in with your brand and image.

Want to find out more about our flexible co-working options? Call us today or get in touch using our contact form.

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