Our aim is to deliver superior returns to all our shareholders by executing our strategy, which is based on these five key aspects. 

1. Being in the Right Market - London is growing and changing

We will maximise the value of our London-based property portfolio and its wider opportunities for repositioning and redevelopment.

2. Owning the Right Properties - Creating modern growth environments

We own the right properties that are tailored to our customers’ needs and intensively manage these properties to drive occupancy and rents.

3. Targeting the Right Customers - New and Growing Companies

We give our customers what they need to grow, including flexible leases, business grade telecoms and data products and a calendar of high quality, content-driven events.

4. Employing the Right People - Experienced teams with specialist skills

We create a responsible culture of risk management and performance, with all employees focused on the customer. Interests are aligned across the Company, as well as with investors.

5. Developing the Right Brand - Increasing recognition and reputation

We are focused on developing our brand to drive performance across the business.