A high priority is given to communication with shareholders and the Company maintains regular dialogue with major shareholders and fund managers.

In October 2014, Workspace hosted two events for investors and analysts. The events showcased the Group’s recent acquisitions, current refurbishments and development activity and how Workspace plans to continue to drive value and growth. Workspace also participated in EPRA’s Annual Conference in September 2014 and took registered guests on a tour of a selection of the Group’s assets.

Executive Directors are the Company’s principal representatives with investors, analysts, fund managers, press and other interested parties. Discussions with institutional shareholders are held on a range of issues throughout the year affecting the Group’s performance, which include meetings following the announcements of the annual and interim results. Other ad hoc meetings, presentations and site visits are arranged for shareholders, analysts and media throughout the year in the UK, Europe and the United States. 

The Board receives reports of meetings with institutional shareholders together with regular market reports and brokers’ reports which enable the Directors to understand the views of shareholders. 

The Annual Report and Accounts is sent to all shareholders who wish to receive a copy. It is also available on the Company's website, which contains up-to-date information on the Group’s activities and published financial results and presentations.