General Security Arrangements

  • How is the building secured?

    In general, your Centre will be protected by a combination of technology (including door access control, CCTV, and alarms), general security infrastructure, remote monitoring (RVRC) and regular security patrols. 

    • During Normal Working Hours the main points of entry are placed on free access.  Customers are then required to use their fob to navigate further around the building.
    • Outside of Normal Working Hours, all main points of entry and exits of the building are secured and alarmed.  Customers will be required to be enrolled on the ‘Touch In’ system to gain access through these points of entry.  Internal doors remain controlled via fob access.


    The regular security patrols of the Centre are undertaken outside of Normal Working Hours.

    Please note that the above is a general guide, however procedures may vary slightly from Centre to Centre.  Details on any changes to this at your Centre are available from the Centre Manager.

  • How does Remote Video Monitoring work?

    The remote monitoring incorporates general risk based CCTV review, as well as alarm activated monitoring.  Should a breach of security be identified then either the emergency services or a designated keyholder will be contacted to attend and deal with any issue.  

    In addition, the RVRC are able to communicate with persons on site via a public address system to advise any suspicious persons that they are being observed and that the security services have been contacted.  

  • What are the Normal, and Out of Normal Working Hours?

    Our standard parameters for hours of access are detailed below; however these sometimes vary on a site by site basis.  Full details will be communicated to you in the lead up to ‘Touch In’ going live.

    • Normal Working Hours:  Monday to Friday 07:00 to 19:00 (excluding Bank Holidays).
    • Outside of Normal Working Hours: Monday to Friday 19:00 to 07:00 and 24hrs Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays.


    Access to your Centre will vary over a 24 hour period.  Details of these access arrangements are detailed in the table below:

    Day 07:00 to 09:00 09:00 to 17:30 17:30 to 19:00 19:00 to 07:00  24hrs
    Monday A B A C  
    Tuesday A B A C  
    Wednesday A B A C  
    Thursday A B A C  
    Friday A B A C  
    Saturday         C
    Sunday         C
    Bank Holidays         C


      Customers Visitors / Contractors / Deliveries
    A The Building is locked down, Customers must use either ‘Touch In’ or their security fob to access the building and use their security fob to move internally around the Centre. Visitors must contact the Customer they are visiting via the buildings (external) intercom system.  The Customer facilitates access as required.
    B The main point of entry to the building is placed on free access.  Customers must use their security fob to pass through internal secured doors. Visitors can access the building via the main point of entry.  The Visitor contacts the Customer via the buildings (internal) intercom system.  The Customer facilitates access as required.

    The building is locked down, Customers must use ‘Touch In’ to access the building and use their security fob to move internally around the Centre.

    Note If a Customer employee has not enrolled for out of hours access – they will not be able to access the building out of hours unless given access by the RVRC (via the intercom).
    Visitors can either contact the RVRC via the buildings (external) intercom system.  RVRC will liaise with the Customer and if authorised, allow the Visitor access to the lobby.  They will need to be met by the Customer.   Alternately the visitor can contact the Customer directly (if contact details are known), the Customer can arrange to meet the Visitor at the main point of entry to the building and allow access.


  • How do Visitors or Contractors gain access?

    If you have contractors or cleaning staff visiting Outside of Normal Working Hours, please speak to your Centre Manager who can advise you on the local arrangements. 

    We recommend you use Workspace’s preferred cleaning provider to help us maintain high levels of security by reducing the volume of personnel accessing the building Outside of Normal Working Hours.  Further details can be given by your Centre Manager.

    Regular contractors can normally register for ‘Touch-In’ and be issued with a fob for internal access.

    Ad-hoc deliveries and contractors and visitors will need to follow the procedures as highlighted above.

  • What happens if I identify a security issue on site?

    If you notice a security issue on site please contact the RVRC as soon as possible on the number belowand provide as much information as possible.  We recommend you enter this number on your smartphone for quick reference.

    RVRC emergency line:  08448 791 012

    • Please keep in mind that tailgaters impact the security within our buildings, so remember not to let people in or hold doors open for people if you don’t know them.    
    • Please do not wedge open doors.  Doors that are held open for longer than expected periods generate security alarms through to the RVRC.  Unnecessary generated alarms (i.e. doors wedged open) take RVRC resource away from dealing with other potential security alerts.
  • What happens if an alarm is activated?

    Alarms will be automatically and immediately picked up by the RVRC, who will take the necessary action depending on their observations and information available. Please note this does not include your individual unit intruder alarms.

  • What happens if the connection to the RVRC fails?

    This situation would be picked up immediately; the Centre switches to manual operation in two ways:

    • Remotely via a secondary GPRS signal.
    • Our mobile patrolling provider will visit the site and manually override the system to work without the intervention of the RVRC.  
  • What would happen if there was a large power outage and the equipment failed?

    The guarding company would immediately provide a guard to remain on site throughout the entire power failure.

  • Will we see a reduction in the security provision?

    The investment in a technology based security solution “Touch In” will enhance the security provision at your site - The site will be remotely monitored both visually via the CCTV system and audibly by the alarm system. The RVR then has the capability to deploy a mobile guarding resource to investigate any suspicious activity. Your site will also receive random out of hour’s visits by a mobile security officer who will conduct a full building patrol.

‘Touch In’ access

  • Why is Workspace introducing the ‘Touch In’ access system?

    Workspace are introducing the ‘Touch In’ Access system for the benefit of our Customers.

    By using the latest technology, we are implementing an entry system that will give our Customers faster, and more secure out of hours access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

  • How will the system work?
    • During Normal Working Hours access will be as normal.
    • Outside of Normal Working Hours access Customers will need to use their fingerprint to gain entry to the building via a biometric reader at the main point(s) of entry. The reader works by matching multiple distinct features of your fingerprint to allow you access to the building.
  • What are Biometrics?

    Biometrics are the measurable factors that relate to human characteristics, like a fingerprint, DNA, or an Iris. Biometric data is heavily associated with security because biometric traits provide a higher and more secure level of authentication which is unique to the individual.

    In its simplest form Biometrics works by using a unique physical attribute to effortlessly confirm you are who you say you are; ‘Touch In’ will use your fingerprint to do this.

  • Is ‘Touch In’ the same as Biometrics?

    Yes they are; ‘Touch In’ is the user friendly name we have given to the biometric access readers.

  • What are the benefits of ‘Touch In’?

    There are many advantages of ‘Touch In’, however we have summarised the main benefits as being:

    • Swifter entry – Customers will no longer have to wait to get a response from security to be granted access.
    • Improved security – unlike key fobs and passwords fingerprints cannot be lost, duplicated or used by unauthorised users.
    • Increase in remote monitoring – The time the security team save on access control will be used to monitor cameras more closely, therefore making the building more secure
  • Will I still need my key fob?

    Yes. Customers will still need to use their key fob on internal secured doors that serve communal areas.  Access to your Customer unit will remain unchanged.

  • What happens if I forget my key fob?

    We are only placing the ‘Touch In’ system on main points of entry to the Centre.  Therefore Customers should have their key fob on them at all times to get around the building. Should you forget your key fob Outside of Normal Working Hours you will not be able to access the building further.

    If you forget your key fob during Normal Working Hours please see your Centre Manager who can assist you.

  • Will ‘Touch In’ affect access to my unit?

    No. Unit access will remain unchanged.


  • How do I register new employees for access?

    Each Customer will need to log in to the Workspace online portal at for your specific company account and add each of your employee’s email address that will require access. When registered, the employee will receive a verification email to verify their address, create their own unique log in details, and complete the requested information. Upon completion, the employee will then need to make arrangements with the local Workspace Centre Manager to be issued with a key fob for the internal doors.

    Should the new employee require out of hours’ access they will also be required to register their fingerprint(s) for ‘Touch In’. The employee will then have the necessary access to gain entry to the building Outside of Normal Working Hours.

  • Who needs to register?

    Any Customers employee that requires an access fob to access the building.  There is a choice to have access for Normal Working Hours and/or additionally for ‘Touch In’. 

    For new Customer employees or those who have already been issued with an access fob and require access Outside of Normal Working Hours they will need to update their registration online and make arrangements with the Workspace Centre Manager to register their fingerprint(s).

  • What will happen when I register my fingerprint?

    Customer employees will need to register one or more of their fingerprints via a reader held in the local Centre Managers office. You will be asked to place your finger on the reader; the reader will scan your print and identify several specific features within your fingerprint to use as reference. 

  • Will you store my fingerprint?

    Fingerprint images are not saved or stored on the system.  They also cannot be recreated from the data stored on the system.

  • What data will you hold?

    Rather than storing an image of your whole fingerprint, key unique points within your fingerprint that were identified during the scanning process will be stored and held in a database using a high level of encryption.

  • How secure is the data being held?

    We take security very seriously; to view our privacy policy in full details please click here.

  • What are our responsibilities as a Customer?

    As a Customer you are required to notify the Centre Manager via your ‘My Account’ on the website, if anyone who has been issued with an access control fob and/or registered their fingerprint leaves your company.

    This is essential so we can withdraw their levels of access to ensure they don’t gain future unauthorised access to the building.

  • Why do you need my contact details?

    As a Workspace customer you are open to lots of additional benefits and discounts, both personal and those which help your business grow, we need your contact details so we can communicate these to you. Of course, if you don’t wish to receive these you may opt out at the registration stage.


  • What if an employee leaves?

    If an employee leaves you will need to inform the Centre Manager and retain any key fobs from this employee for future use.

    This will mean the employee will no longer have access to the building.

  • If I need to cancel access urgently?

    You should contact the centre manager directly to ensure the process is expedited.

  • What happens if an employee loses their fob?

    Upon occupation Customers are given one fob per 75ft2 of their unit space free of charge. Should the Customer exceed their fob allowance based on the ft2 of their unit, each additional fob is charged at £15 plus vat.

    If an employee loses their fob they will need to let the Workspace Centre Manager know straight away. The Centre Manager will need to mark the fob as lost so no unauthorised person can use it.  They will also be able to assist in having the fob replaced.  The cost to replace a lost fob is £15 plus vat. 

  • Can you provide Access Control reporting?

    Due to Data Protection, Workspace are unable to provide Customers with access reports regarding movement of persons throughout the building.

    Workspace will periodically provide the Customer Account Manager with a report detailing their employees that are registered for access.  This enables Customers to report back and verify it is accurate and up-to-date so as to maintain the security of the Centre.

Ongoing use

  • I’ve registered, how do I use the system?

    Upon arrival Outside of Normal Working Hours, you will need to place any digit that has been registered on the ‘Touch In’ system onto the fingerprint reader.  The scanner will match key features of your fingerprint and will release the entrance door. You will then need your fob to unlock the internal secured doors that lead to the communal areas and units.

  • What if there is a problem gaining entry?

    In the unlikely event that a problem arises whilst trying to gain entry Outside of Normal Working Hours, please call through to the RVRC via the intercom at the main entrance.  The RVRC will be available to assist. 

  • What if I cut my finger, will the scanner still recognise my fingerprint?

    Small injuries should not affect access, however we suggest that you register a fingerprint from each hand to reduce the risk of any ‘mis-read’.

  • What happens to my fingerprint if we leave our Workspace building?

    The identified points of your fingerprint will be deleted from the database. Should you move

    to another one of our Centres that uses the ‘Touch In’ system, you will be required to re-register locally at the new Centre.

  • How will I get out of the building?

    This will remain unchanged; ‘Touch In’ will not affect how you exit the building. 

  • What do I do in an emergency?

    ‘Touch In’ is only for entering the building so would not have a bearing on the emergency procedure. Please follow your buildings current emergency procedure that is already in place. If you are unsure of what this is please request this from your Centre Manager as soon as possible.