We understand that world-class, secure and reliable connectivity is a top priority for London’s digitally dependent businesses, which is why we use WiredScore; a digital connectivity rating scheme for office buildings, to measure our performance.

One of the first London buildings to achieve Platinum CertificationMetal Box Factory

Digital connectivity is a vital part of our business model, because we know in order for you to efficiently operate your business, you need a digital infrastructure you can depend on.

WiredScore certifications allow us to provide you with a quick and easy way to see the quality of our connectivity and latest technology infrastructure.

As an advertising technology company, it is crucial that our own tech capabilities are of the highest quality, and the Wired Certified Platinum rating gives us peace of mind that the infrastructure in our office will support our operations.

Mark Bembridge, CEO of Smartology, Metal Box Factory

Our aim is to deliver the best internet connectivity on all of our properties, and our target is for all certified buildings obtain a Wired Certified Gold rating as a minimum.

We secure our ratings by providing our customers immediate access to high-speed internet connectivity, best-in-class levels of infrastructure diversity and robust emergency back-up services to protect against service disruption.



Gold or Platinum Certified Workspace properties

2.5m sq ft & 50 buildings

We are committed to achieving Gold or Platinum Wired Certification for 50 of our buildings by 2019

Gold WiredScore CertificationGrand Union Studios

WiredScore measures performance across a series of ratings: Non-Certified, Certified, Silver, Gold and Platinum

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