Workspace has a progressive dividend policy, which takes into account the expected growth in earnings per share and the distribution requirements that we have as a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT). 

Dividend History

Date Paid   Per share
7 Aug 2015 Financial Dividend - 100% PID 8.15p
3 Feb 2015 Interim Dividend – 100% PID 3.89p
1 Aug 2014  Final Dividend – 0% PID  7.09p
4 Feb 2014  Interim Dividend – 100% PID 3.54p
2 Aug 2013 Final Dividend – 0% PID 6.45p
5 Feb 2013 Interim Dividend – 100% PID 3.22p
3 Aug 2012 Final Dividend – 50% PID 5.86p
7 Feb 2012 Interim Dividend – 100% PID 2.93p
5 Aug 2011 Final Dividend – 100% PID 0.55p
9 Feb 2011 Interim Dividend – 100% PID 0.275p
6 Aug 2010 Final Dividend – 0% PID 0.50p †
11 Feb 2010 Interim Dividend – 100% PID 0.25p
6 Aug 2009 Final Dividend – 100% PID 0.50p
6 Feb 2009 Interim Dividend – 100% PID 1.52p *
6 Aug 2008  Final Dividend – 100% PID 3.04p *
4 Feb 2008  Interim Dividend – 100% PID 1.52p *
3 Aug 2007 Final Dividend 2.76p *
1 Feb 2007 Interim Dividend  1.38p *

 *Pre Rights Issue in March 2009.

†Scrip dividend alternative offered.

Property Income Dividend – payment gross of tax

As a UK REIT, the Group is obliged to make distributions in the form of Property Income Distributions (PID’s) of at least 90% of its net property income (less capital allowances). PID’s will be paid under deduction of withholding tax. However, there are provisions in the regulations for gross payments to be made to those who qualify (Corporate holders as set out in Regulation 7 of Statutory Instrument 2006, number 2867).

Gross payment will be made to UK based institutions that meet the requirements of Regulation 7, all overseas based shareholders, even if eligible for gross payments under Regulation 7, will be paid net and will have to seek reclaim direct from HM Revenue and Customs.

Examples of UK institutions that may be eligible for gross payment are:

UK Companies;
Local Authorities;
UK Pension Schemes; and
Managers of PEPs, ISAs and Child Trust Funds.

If you believe you are eligible for gross dividend payment and have not completed a ‘Declaration for Gross PID payment’ form please complete the appropriate form below and return it direct to our registrars, Computershare Investor Services PLC. If you have a query relating to PID payment please contact the registrars at the address below.

Intermediary Declaration for Gross PID payment download
Beneficial Owner Declaration for Gross PID payment download

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