Waste has been a key focus for us over the last year and we have worked hard to strengthen our relationship with our waste contractor to create a solid partnership where we are successfully working together to increase recycling rates across our portfolio and divert waste from landfill.

Our waste audits have specifically prioritised sites with lower volumes of recycling to ensure that we provide support to these sites and our customers to improve waste segregation, increase recycling and divert waste from landfill.  As a result of this targeted focus, we are delighted to have increased the number of our sites which have achieved 70% recycling or more from 10 sites to 14 sites with our top achiever, Greville Street, accomplishing an impressive average recycling rate of 94%.

Pill BoxBethnal Green

We are particularly proud of the Pill Box in Shoreditch which has accomplished an average recycling rate of 86% which has been achieved through our provision of onsite segregation for a diverse range of waste streams and a strong focus on early tenant engagement to secure tenant buy in to our clear sack approach which helps us to ensure waste is correctly segregated and allows us to maximise the site’s recycling rate.  

We are seeking to increase the accuracy of our waste measurement techniques in the next year, enabling us to better understand and manage our waste streams so that we can further increase recycling rates across our portfolio.  We have placed a particular focus on preventing waste contamination, identifying this as a problem area and will be implementing specific processes to reduce this, including engaging with tenants on waste segregation and encouraging the use of clear sacks. 

Pill BoxBethnal Green

Over the coming year we will continue to focus on enhancing our management reporting and increasing even further the accuracy of our waste data. We are also looking to roll out an enhanced engagement and communication strategy with our customers around waste and how we can work together to collectively improve our environmental performance.