Fareshare is a wonderful charity that we have supported for many years. Fareshare saves good food destined for waste and redistributes it to charities and community groups who transform it into healthy and nutritious meals for vulnerable people.

Over the last year, 17 of our employees have volunteered with Fareshare over 8 separate days, helping collect food outside of supermarkets, sort food at their warehouse and distribute it personally to the charities and community groups that Fareshare supports. 

For many of the charities and community groups that Fareshare supports, it is the provision of a hot meal that gets their vulnerable service users to make contact in the first place.  Once they are eating, it is then far easier for the charity workers to start conversations with them and initiate the next steps towards getting them the wider help they need.  This means that our volunteers are making a far bigger impact than just sorting and delivering food.  They are helping Fareshare, and the charities and community groups they work alongside, change lives!

This is a partnership that all at Workspace are keen to see continue into 2016 and beyond.  We are committed to increasing our number of volunteers in the coming 12 months, as well as holding food collections across our own sites to enable more of our customers and employees to support the charity.

“It’s really amazing for someone like me, who sits at their desk all day, to get out there and not just help with the physical work but also to actually see the people we’re helping.  It’s been so rewarding” Tara Dooley, Workspace employee