InspiresMe Week

Supported by the Mayor of London, the one-week internship programme for 16-18-year-old students aims to capitalise on the desire and commitment amongst successful and experienced businesses to support the next generation and provide them with the opportunity to build key professional skills and gain invaluable experience.

Dozens of young people are hosted by businesses across London on a four-day work experience placement, providing vital access to the world of work that these students would not otherwise have.

The programme closes with an Enterprise Challenge and Celebration Event for students to showcase and utilise their learnings. Teams of students are supported by volunteer business mentors to develop a business idea to pitch to a panel of judges.

An overall winner are selected and awarded prize money to help them take forward their ideas over the next year. Participating schools will receive guidance on how to support their students and will provide feedback on their students' progress to the project funders.

The event is a true celebration of the journey that students have completed with the support of their businesses.


Our business was encouraged to get involved with InspiresMe as we were keen to learn how the next generation of school leavers think and behave.

Working with them enables organisations like us to better understand how to engage with the next generation of customers and employees.

It was great for us to be able to teach the student the basics of marketing, business and event management. What we really learnt from them was that the next generation of entrepreneurs are clearly driven and lack the sense of entitlement we have noticed in Millennials.

Quentin Crowe, managing director, The Marketers' Forum